Champagne Season Condition Scale

Champagne Season Condition Scale (1-10)

As we sell both new and used items at our newshop we found it necessary to have our own scale to show how we grade our Vintage products. At our webshop we have a good viariety of rare Champagne accesories that come from mig brands like: "Dom Perignon" "Ruinart" "Veuve Clicquot" and many more.


Our grading is from 1-10. Read here to learn how we grade our products, we do of course take into account the age of the individual accessorie as patina comes with age.

10. - Perfect condition, brand new, never used.

9. - Almost perfect condition, used very little. 

8. - Very good condition, has been carefully used.

7. - Good condition, visibly used.

6. - Fair condition, used a lot.

5. - Severely used.

4. - Very used, many visible scratches.

3. - Used a lot, many visible scratches, possibly cracks.

2. - Almost unusable, this is for very old items (collectors items only)

1. - Bad condition, barely usable (collectors items only)


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