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A prestigious Champagne house based in Chouilly, France. Established in 1954. Grand Cru champagne. Very limited quantity of Champagnes, making them highly sought after by connoisseurs.


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Vazart-Coquart & Fils Champagne: Small quantity, amazing quality.


Vazart-Coquart & Fils Champagne is situated in the town of Chouilly (Grand Cru) in the Champagne region of France. Established in 1954, the house is relatively young but has quickly gained a reputation for producing exceptional Champagnes.

Started to make Special Club champagnes in 1996. And Jean-Pierre Vazart was the Special Club president from 2020 to 2023.

Vineyards and Terroir

With 11 hectares located in the unique terroir of Grand Cru de la Côte des Blancs outside the village of Chouilly, east of Épernay, there was a solid foundation for great Champagne from the start. The vineyards are spread across 30 parcels, with Chardonnay being the dominant grape variety.

Three Generations of Excellence

Three generations have succeeded each other since the house's founding. Louis, Jacques, and Jean-Pierre have all contributed to its development. In the early 1950s, Jacques Vazart convinced his father, Louis, and his brother, René, to start producing Champagne from the vines already on the family's land. The first bottles were released in 1954 under the name "Louis Vazart." They quickly gained attention, and shortly after, Louis and his wife, Marie Coquart, merged their surnames to form Vazart-Coquart.

The Present and Future

Today, Jean-Pierre Vazart is at the helm. He began working with his father, Jacques, in 1991. They expanded the business by acquiring more land and improving quality. By the time he officially took over in 1995 with his wife, Caroline, the future of the Champagne house was already promising.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

In 2017, the vineyards were converted to organic farming, and the entire vineyard was certified in 2020. This has given the wines a final push into the Champagne stratosphere, where elegance and memorability reign supreme.