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Pole Position - This was their grandfather's very first cuvée (100% Meunier), which has always their our bestseller through 3 generations. 
At blind tastings, it has always received fantastic feedback and although it is our entry level cuvée, its quality far exceeds expectations.
Therefore their marketing agency chose the Pole Position name. Pole Position is always number one, placed at the front of the pack.
Following on from finding this sports-related name, their marketing agency continued with sport themed names for the rest of the range.
Lasseaux - Pole postition - Brut
Match Play - This is a golf scoring system, where a player plays directly against an opponent in a head-to-head match.
Due to the exceptional oenological quality of our Match Play vintages, they are often going head-to-head against much bigger names in the Champagne world - arguably providing much better value for money.
Champagne Lasseaux - Matchplay - Vintage 2015 - Brut
Fleches d'Argent - This is also car racing related, a term coined for the dominance in Grand Prix for Mercedes in the 1930's then again from winning 8 consecutive titles from 2014 to 2021.
The Blanc de Blancs scored high in blind tastings due to its unusual terroir characteristics and stands out as an exceptional Chardonnay only cuvée from the Marne Valley.
Champagne Lasseaux - Fleches d'Argent - Vintage 2013 - Brut
Circuit Boisé - Following on the racing related names, they were looking for a name related to the “sous bois” process which uses oak casks for their Blanc de Noirs.
The literal translation is a "track lined with trees" - very similar to their local historical track: the Circuit de Reims-Gueux, for which large oak trees had to be cut down here to build sections of the track.
As they also had to cut local oak trees to get casks made by Tonnellerie de Champagne, our Circuit Boisé cuvée travels through oak, hence the name!
Champagne Lasseaux - Circuit Boisé - Vintage 2015 - Brut
Now you know the history behind the names. 
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