Bottle covers - The story behind

The bottle covers are made by Lars from, he makes sustainable products from leftovers from micro coffee roasters and from local rain coat production .

The story behind it all began when I was working as a teacher at an independent school, where one of my colleagues one day held a morning assembly about upcycling. Among other things, she brought along a coffee sack that was used as a pillowcase. The rustic look, the beautiful print, and the entire story that lay hidden in this one coffee sack caught my attention. So, I went home and bought some coffee sacks online, teamed up with a skilled seamstress, and had 4 decorative pillows made, which I presented to a café, who ended up buying 15 pieces. After that, I established the company - a name derived from our first product - pillows covered with fabric from coffee sacks.


At, we think creatively and see opportunities in existing materials, such as the many coffee sacks that Danish micro-roasteries empty every year. We reuse, upcycle, and try to avoid using resources to produce new ones as much as possible. The handle for our shopping bag is made from seat belts, the inner cushion of our decorative pillows is Danish-produced, just like the foam we use in cushions and dog blankets, and our buttons are made from branches from pruned trees and tired chair legs, which we saw, sand, and oil.


Unique - all of Kaffepuden's products are made based on how the print on each coffee sack will look best. This means that no two are exactly the same, but each has its own expression and story... just like you and me.

The rain coats

The material used for the rain coat products are from a local rain coat production which has left over material, which is now used to make the bottle covers.

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