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Champagne Frame #R1004

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Champagne Frame

This is the ideal decoration for the passionate champagne lover. We recycle used champagne bottles from the most exclusive champagne brands and give them a new life
by placing them in a frame of the highest quality and subsequently coating with epoxy. Everything is handmade to ensure the highest quality and give our personal touch on the art.

Product information
- Made from a black mdf joinery frame, by a professional joiner. Two broken
champagne bottles & epoxy.
- The frame can stand by itself, hang on the wall and can hang both horizontally and vertically, with double fitting.
- The product must be kept out of the sun.
- Contains: 1x Champagne artpiece.
- Size: 40x30cm
- May have small imperfections from the epoxy
- Made by Champangiør


Instructions for use

Unpack all items from packaging and wrapping.

First mount the included piece of wood in the wall, using the two given screws.

Afterwards, you mount your work, either vertically or horizontally on the wood that is screwed to the wall. Check the video where the installation is shown.

Keep your hands off the glass, as the pieces of glass are sharp and you can cut yourself on them.

Keep the frame out of direct sunlight.

The glass pieces are sharp. So make sure to mount the frame in a place where children cannot come into contact with the art piece.


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Exice duty

All orders of champagne to outside of Denmark will have to pay a small fee called exice duty. This fee is typically around 1-5 Euro per bottle.